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Dear Friends!

Welcome to Segway Tel Aviv! We specialize in organizing group and private Segway tours in Tel Aviv.

Many travelers face the same problem – there are so many tourist attractions that they would like to visit, yet they don’t have the time to do so. So what do they do? They either visit less sites and come home with a feeling of an incomplete journey, or they try to visit every possible site and come back home exhausted as if they were not on a vacation.

We have a innovative solution for those who want to have a great time by visiting a lot of places while staying energized – the Segway! It is fun, mobile, and easy to drive!

Our company suggests that you try our Segway Tours in Tel Aviv. We can take you on a ride along the Tayelet, the famous Central Beach of Tel Aviv. We can also guide you through HaYarkon Park, a beautiful area near the port. Additionally, we have exclusive rights to organize Segway Tours in the Safari of Ramat Gan, taking you into the hidden jungle within Tel Aviv.
With a Segway you can go places that a tourist bus could never go. You can simply enjoy a breathtaking view of the beach or explore the natural wonders of the Safari. On our tours you can make as many stops as you want, take beautiful pictures, and enjoy the sights without even taking a single step!

We have no doubt that Segway Tours Tel Aviv will enhance your travel experience!

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